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Alimenta a J.M. Aznar y J. Pujol (2016)

This work is part of a larger project where you try to create, from several pieces of art, a recreation room. Each play-piece talks about a different aspect of human nature and the culture of our country (both Spain and Catalonia). Being stingy, the individualist, who blames a third party, the "is what there is", the: "until it happens to me, I do not care." This recreational room is a metaphor of how we play with our future, with our goals and with our lives, without giving us barely any account.


"Representatives who steal, dark, from the same power group. They spend 20 years, and there they continue, in the shadow of power. They are embedded symbols of our culture. They are the image of ourselves, of the culture of the hustler and the egoist. FEED PUJOL AND AZNAR. The problem is ours:

Are the Catalan and Spanish cultures very different? It will not be in our habits."

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