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Bestiario Del Desecho (2013)

"Bestiario del Desecho" is a set of sculptures created from furniture and wool.
Constructed with wood and garbage, the souls of those unused objects are born from the debris, wasted and forgotten by the time passage. Objects that we buy to satisfy our desire to "have", that agglomerate dust in a nook of our house without being used. Visually pleasing objects that replace others that retained their functionality intact. These new beings, emerged from nothing, acquire autonomous life, aim to hammer our consumer consciousness.
We are not better than them, we surround ourselves with what we can buy with money, but our interior is dark and selfish. We are the result of values that collapse, where "being" was replaced by "having".

"They are born naked and dirty, but they learn to dress and protect themselves from the cold. The wool wraps their different bodies bringing color and life, hiding their scars and scratches with shame. Poverty is shy."

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