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Edificio 16 John Lennon (2015)

“Edificio 16 John Lennon” it's a place where (no) things happen.


This project is born out of curiosity about homes, about what is protected and "private", and about the way in which its occupants inhabit their daily lives. Through the creation and construction of different dwellings with their residents and their stories (worlds-room), the intention is to create a caricatural scene that gives rise to interaction and to game, to discover those characters and to think about their lives.


This project shows a satirical vision of the social space privatization, of the individualism that imprisons us in building plots without any contact with the outside, and of the house as the family cell refuge. Thus, it is intended to generate this space through the use of tangible works, arising from artistic disciplines such as painting and sculpture, since I am interested in its physicality as an integral part of the corporeal reality that surrounds the viewer.

(Hacer click para ver en pantalla completa y hacer skroll para ver la galería de cuadros)

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